Simple Speed Cube (2x2x2) - Mind Fidget

  • $7.75

Simple Speed Cube (2x2x2) - Are you a chronic fidgeter? Pen Clicker? Knee bouncer?  Just can't focus? Need a brain break?  Always wanted to solve a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube? Can't do it?  You need a cube that has removed a whole level making it simpler to solve!  This 2x2x2 Speed Cube is what you've been searching for!  Mess it up, and then quickly put it back! Talk about a since of accomplishment!  It really does make the perfect brain break!  Buy one for yourself and for that guy in the office who can't stop fidgeting.  Give your fidgeting a purpose!  Use that energy to solve a simple puzzle, then get back to work!