Grip Strengthening Therapy Stress Balls - Focus Sensory Fidget

  • $2.65

Grip Strengthening Therapy Stress Ball -   Have a hard time focusing while sitting at your desk?   Build up your hand and forearm strength while you free up your mind to focus on the task at hand.  Fidgeting is common, everyone does it.  Look around in your next meeting, or in your classroom.  How many people are bouncing their knee, clicking a pen, tapping their desk, or just staring off into space?  Some days it is just hard to focus, and you need something to refocus.  

Lots of people use a random stress ball to mindlessly squeeze to help them focus.  These aren't your average stress balls though.  These therapy balls have been designed with an internal resistance to tuned to build hand and grip strength while you concentrate.

Available in Blue, Yellow, and Red - choose the color that best suits  your mood!